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CBA working meeting with OLAF representatives

Exchange of experiences is one of the main messages of the meeting in which representatives of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) participated.

On 16 May 2022, a working meeting was held at the premises of the CBA main office with representatives of Directorate A - European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), whose area of competence includes combating irregularities connected with the European Structural and Investment Fund, the Agricultural Fund and pre-accession assistance in the area of rural development.

On the part of the CBA, the meeting was attended by representatives of several units, including the Cabinet of the Head of the CBA, the Analysis Department, the Control Proceedings Department, the Operational and Investigative Department, and the CBA Regional Offices in Poznań and Białystok.

The meeting aimed at exchanging experiences within the framework of cooperation between the CBA and OLAF to date. The discussion focused, among other things, on exploiting the potential for effective cooperation between the two institutions. Directions of further development of this cooperation were also adopted. The talks concerned the practical aspects of investigations carried out by OLAF. The meeting also provided a basis for strengthening the capacity of both institutions to combat irregularities and fraud in the area of EU funds.

OLAF is an office within the European Union which investigates fraud against the organisation's budget, corruption, and serious misconduct within the EU institutions. It also develops anti-fraud policy for the European Commission.

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