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Bill of indictment

The Public Prosecutor's Office has charged a doctor from Wielkopolska with corruption. The indictment in this case has already been submitted to the court. The investigation has been conducted by officers of the CBA Regional Office in Poznań.

The Wielkopolska Local Division of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption at the National Prosecutor's Office in Poznań filed an indictment with the District Court in Chodzież against the former head of the Palliative Care Unit at the Wielkopolska Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery Centre of the Eugeniusz and Janusz Zeyland Hospital in Chodzież. 

The indictment covers 18 charges, including accepting financial advantages in the form of money and groceries, misappropriation and the certification of false documents. 

The CBA apprehended the man in May 2019, moments after accepting a financial gain.  The proceedings were initiated on the grounds of the evidence gathered by the CBA officers.

The findings indicate that family members who, for various reasons, were unable to care for the elderly or those requiring constant care made efforts to place such persons in a palliative care unit.  To this end, they made contact with the ward manager by telephone or in person. Evidence gathered in the case indicates that the doctor, in exchange for bribes ranging from several hundred to several thousand zlotys, admitted patients to the ward or prolonged their stay there despite the fact that there were no grounds for admitting a particular patient to the ward. It was further established that the doctor accepted bribes in situations where a hospitalised person had to have their stay in the ward prolonged, while at the same time taking steps to enable patients to prolong their stay in hospital.

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