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Fictitious invoices amounting to millions - more detainees

CBA officers detained three persons involved in using fictitious VAT invoices and acting to the detriment of a bank.

CBA officers of the Regional Office in Lublin have detained three persons. It is a continuation of activities under investigation supervised by the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw. The proceedings are multithreaded. The case concerns the manipulation of financial instruments and money laundering. So far, 20 persons have been charged in this case.

In the course of the activities carried out, evidence has been gathered to confirm the operation of a criminal group which issued and used unreliable VAT invoices documenting fictitious trading in scrap steel and non-ferrous metals. The investigation findings indicate that the practice lasted from 2017 to 2018.

In connection with this case and subsequent findings, CBA officers detained three persons: two acting on behalf of companies from Toruń and Poznań, and a bank employee.

The investigators' findings indicate that the detained representative of the Poznań company used fraudulent VAT invoices for over PLN 13.5 million in scrap metal trade and issued invoices for nearly PLN 12 million. The representative of the Toruń company faced a charge of accepting and then using in economic transactions a VAT invoice of PLN 1,300,000.

The case is also being investigated on the issue of leading one of the banks to provide financial support based on documents that attested the untruth. The detainees have also heard charges in this thread.

By court decision, the representative of the Poznań company is remanded in custody for three months. The prosecutor applied non-custodial preventive measures against the other detainees, including bail, police supervision and a ban on contact.

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