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Fraudulent VAT invoices nearly PLN 200 million

Organised crime group. Fictitious companies. Large-scale money laundering. New case. Joint operations of the CBA, the National Tax Administration (KAS) and the Prosecutor’s Office.

Officers of the CBA Regional Office in Warsaw, in cooperation with officers of the Mazovian Customs and Fiscal Office, have detained 7 persons upon the order of the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw. 

The detainees included six persons operating within an organised crime group and an entrepreneur "purchasing" false invoices issued by the group. After conducting searches, all the detainees were taken to the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, where they were charged with acting in an organised crime group, forging documents, issuing and selling blank and fraudulent invoices and money laundering. On the prosecutor's motion, the court applied pre-trial custody against two suspects.

Findings made in the course of proceedings indicate that the members of the dismantled criminal group supervised the fictitious activities of 10 companies, through which they issued false VAT invoices with a total value of nearly PLN 200 million. Moreover, the group's members laundered money obtained from tax offences committed both by themselves and by entities of Vietnamese origin. Members of the group assisted in the transfer of illegal money to banks in the People's Republic of China in particular. In total, the group laundered over 15 million Euros, over 660,000 US dollars and over 10 million zlotys.

It is the first operation within this investigation. The investigation is ongoing.

CBA Press Team

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