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Detained for the pyramid scheme. More than PLN 18 millionn losses

Agents of the CBA have detained 3 persons involved in extorting in the case of the so-called pyramid scheme and other four persons in connection with another thread of this investigation.

The officers of the Regional Office of the CBA in Rzeszów have detained three entrepreneurs from Rzeszów. The investigation concerns inducing a number of persons to disadvantageously dispose of property by misleading them as to the intention invest the financial resources transferred by them. The total damage due to the criminal activity is estimated at over PLN 18 million.

The criminal mechanism consisted in obtaining form private individuals financial resources for the benefit of other entities. They were guaranteed a return on investment from 100% to 200% per annum. The findings of the investigation show that the financial resources obtained in this way were invested contrary to the declared purpose, i.e. they were transferred to the bank accounts of other economic entities controlled by them.

In the course of conducted activities, the officers of the CBA have also disclosed a new thread of the investigation, related to asserting to have influence in local government institutions. In this regard, the officers of the Bureau have detained four people as part of a special operation. Among them were three Silesian entrepreneurs running "financial intermediation" who asserted to have influence in the local government institution. A Silesian attorney has been also detained, who in return for PLN 100,000 helped to obtain a favourable decision in the local zoning plan concerning the investment worth nearly PLN 10 million.

The investigation is in progress. Further detentions and charges are not ruled out.


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