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Organized criminal group dissolved. Pyramid scheme in the background

Poznań Regional Office of the CBA has detained 10 person, who in 2012-2017 formed an organized criminal group operating throughout the country. In the course of investigation, it was established that the detainees managed four investment funds of closed-ended, non-public assets. In the course of the activities of the group, more than 2000 persons lost PLN 600 million, while the damage to property of funds was estimated at least PLN 90 million. The agents conducting the investigation found out that the detainees extorted money from other people under the guise of further, high-interest investing with a guaranteed return of funds.

As it turned out, payments for persons who abandoned the investment did not come from the generated profit, but from payments made by other deceived persons. It should be emphasized that the minimum amount of investment was Euro 40,000.

In the course of the proceeding, it was revealed that the group's goal was extortion of significant funds from investors, and then to withdrawal from the activities on the financial market by announcing bankruptcy. Such activities may constitute an example of the classic pyramid scheme.

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