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Unauthorised education subsidies - procedure interrupted by the prosecution, the CBA and the Police

Two persons have been detained - Mieszko A. and Aleksandra K. The investigation concerns the extortion of nearly PLN 80 million from educational subsidies and money laundering crimes.

Officers of the CBA Regional Office in Katowice, in cooperation with officers of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Katowice, upon the order of the District Prosecutor's Office in Gliwice, detained two persons - Mieszko A. and Aleksandra K. in connection with the investigation concerning extortion of funds from an educational subsidy and offences of so-called money laundering. The activities were conducted in Gliwice.

The investigation findings indicate that the suspects, acting within an organised crime group, established and managed the operation of a number of business entities running non-public schools with the privileges of public schools for adults. The activity included submitting by the authorities competent to represent the above-mentioned entities documents certifying untruths to obtain financial support. The documents were issued and submitted to authenticate the occurrence of fictitious economic transactions related to the conducted educational activity and, consequently, to obtain undue educational subsidies.  

In the District Prosecutor's Office in Gliwice, the detainees faced charges of participation in an organised crime group, extortion of funds from educational subsidies of almost PLN 80 million and money laundering. 

During the searches, documents, electronic equipment and other evidence, which could be of significance for the investigation, were secured.

The District Prosecutor's Office in Gliwice secured the suspects' property towards future penalties, including cash of PLN 740,000 found in the house of one of the suspects, 11 paintings by well-known Polish painters, two cars - Mercedes GL and BMW X7, real estate of a total value of over PLN 17,500,000. Moreover, the District Prosecutor's Office blocked the established bank accounts where substantial amounts of money were found.

By the decision of the District Court in Gliwice, the two suspects were remanded in custody for 3 months. 

Evidence is still being gathered and analysed by investigators and the proceedings are ongoing.   

CBA Press Team


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